1 DAY -> Beginning of the Adventure: Day One of Training in Opole

Opole, a picturesque city, stood in the front row as the host of the first day of our fascinating “Design me” – 2022-3-PL01-KA153-YOU-000102877 training. It is here, at the crossroads of many cultures and ideas, that participants from various partner organizations from around the world have gathered, ready to begin this unique journey. We have an organization on board:

  • AIAYA – Turkey,
  • ProQvi – Sweden,
  • Sistema Turismo – Italy,
  • Toulouse Youth Network – France,
  • SPPMD – North Macedonia.

The first day is always a special time, full of uncertainty, but also full of potential. This is the day when all participants have to get to know each other and break the ice. This is how we started our adventure, greeting everyone warmly and with a smile on our faces.
Everyone gathered had the opportunity to learn more about the project’s goals, training plan and accommodation regulations. It is important that each participant has a full understanding of what awaits them during these intense days.
But we have not forgotten that, apart from the formal aspects, it is also important to establish closer relationships. So we organized games and activities that not only helped us get to know each other, but also relaxed the atmosphere and introduced an element of fun to our meetings.
Another important point of the day was the presentation of all partner organizations. Each of these groups had the opportunity to share their goals, mission and vision of functioning. This is the moment when we understood how diverse and inspiring the ideas and goals of different organizations can be. What unites us is a passion for design and the pursuit of creating innovative solutions.
We have also not forgotten about important issues such as evaluation and tools that we will use during our joint work. Thanks to this, we are sure that our work will be carefully monitored and assessed, which will allow us to constantly improve our skills.
After a whole day of intense meetings and exchange of impressions, it was time for a well-deserved rest. This is a moment when we could relax, establish even deeper contacts and recharge our batteries for the next days of our fascinating “Design me” training.