2 DAY –> Deep River of Knowledge and Cultural Discoveries

The next day of our design adventure began with a fascinating meeting with our trainer and discussion of the plan for the entire training. It was a moment when we focused on theory, on how to design consistently and coherently – a key skill in today’s design world. This day was to prepare us for the practical challenges that awaited us in the following days of the project.
During this day, we immersed ourselves in the depths of design theory. We considered issues such as the psychology of colors and colors, contrast, readability, as well as how to arrange information on the website to make it as attractive as possible to the recipients. We discussed the basics of composition, the selection of content and the issue of accessibility, especially for people who have impaired vision, such as colorblind people or people with color vision disorders.
It is worth noting that not only theoretical concepts were important – we also discussed tools and methods that facilitate design. We wanted our participants not only to understand the theory, but also to be able to apply it in practice.

After a short break, we moved on to case studies to test our knowledge in practice. It was a very interesting part of the day, during which participants shared their opinions and participated in heated discussions about various projects. It was an excellent opportunity to obtain information about the reception and feelings of other people about the same project and to exchange experiences. The theoretical day ended with quizzes, which not only consolidated the participants’ knowledge, but also provided a lot of fun.
In the afternoon, it’s time for a dose of culture. We went on an introductory walk around the charming corners of Opole, and finally reached the Piast tower. While climbing, participants could not only admire the picturesque view and panorama of the city, but also learned many interesting facts about the history of this place and Opole itself. It was a true combination of learning and pleasure.
At the end of an intense day, it was time for dinner. It was not only an opportunity to enjoy local flavors, but also a perfect moment to strengthen newly established bonds and friendships. Tomorrow we had another day full of work and practice, so it was worth gathering energy and motivating ourselves for the upcoming challenges.