3 DAY –> Creative Work in the Full Sun of Knowledge

From the very morning we started our work with passion and commitment. The participants were presented with the main practical task to be performed along with its goals and assumptions.
The next step was to divide into four groups, where each group had to choose the main topic of their work and then design content for it on social media. The topics that have been selected are:

  • Feminism,
  • Addiction,
  • and two groups chose Bullying.

This day was a time when participants had the opportunity to fully use their theoretical knowledge from the previous days and transform it into practical, concrete solutions. Everything was done under the watchful eye of our experienced trainer, who both controlled the time and provided valuable tips.

The creative process was intense and required full commitment. Each group worked on its own project, trying to use the acquired knowledge to the maximum. The trainer was present at every stage, supporting the groups and directing them to the right path. He reminded about useful tools and methods, helping participants overcome possible difficulties.
After hours devoted to creative work, it was time for a well-deserved lunch break. It was an opportunity to regenerate and share observations with other participants. After a short rest, everyone returned to the room, ready to continue working.
Day three was undoubtedly intense and demanding, but also full of inspiration and learning opportunities. Our participants showed that they are ready to face design challenges and make the most of them.
, where representatives of each country had the opportunity to talk a little about their country, traditions and history. They also had the opportunity to taste delicious drinks and delicacies from their countries.

At the very end of the day, we managed to organize a cultural evening. During this event, representatives of each country had the opportunity to talk about their homeland, sharing not only history, but also fascinating traditions. It was an opportunity to get closer to each other and better understand the diversity of our cultures.
The evening was also a culinary feast. The participants shared their delicacies and drinks, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the wealth of flavors and aromas hidden in their cuisines. It was a real treat.