4 DAY –> Halfway point of our Design Journey:

In the blink of an eye it turned out that this was already half of our training! That morning, participants returned to their groups, ready to continue working on the projects they had started the day before.
Our path was opened by the trainer’s repeated reminder of the task assumptions. This was a key moment where we once again defined goals and priorities for each part of the creative process. This action allowed us to keep our work on track and optimize our activities.
We spent the entire morning finishing and perfecting our projects. We carefully polished the details, taking care of every aspect of our work.
After lunch, it was time for the most awaited moment – presentations of works. Each group had 45 minutes to thoroughly discuss their project. During the presentation, participants explained what assumptions guided their work and how they turned these ideas into reality. After each presentation, there were heated discussions and questions from other participants. This was extremely valuable because it allowed us to hear different perspectives and gain valuable opinions.
At the end of the day, it was time to sum up. The coach shared some inspiring words and we had a moment to reflect on everything we had achieved over the past few days. It was a day full of commitment and intense work that brought us to the point where we were ready for the next challenges.