5 DAY –> Summary and Parting: The Last Day of Our Training

And so the day we had all been waiting for came – the last day of our intensive training. This day was intended to summarize our activities and work. The trainer, as the guide of our design journey, stood before us once again to extract the last pearls from our educational chest.
At the very beginning, we focused on how to implement the acquired knowledge in the future. This is an important question because the aim of the training was not only to provide theoretical tools, but also to equip us with practical skills that we will be able to use in our organizations on a daily basis. It was our chance to understand how these special days will contribute to our further development.
After lunch, it was time for Youthpass certificate activities. It was a moment of reflection on our work and a chance to document our achievements. Each participant had the opportunity to calmly reflect on the competences we developed during this project.
Finally, we also discussed the evaluation and future dissemination of the project. We considered the role of partners in the subsequent stages of the project, which allowed us to understand what opportunities lie in our further cooperation.
It was not only a moment to officially say goodbye, but also to discuss the upcoming project, which was already tempting us with its potential. It was the end of our educational adventure, but also the beginning of new challenges and opportunities.