Social media content about bullying – group work

The project participants had to divide into four groups, each of which had to choose the main topic of their work and then design content on that topic for social media. One of the groups chose the topic of bullying. They created 6 posts that can be used on social media platforms to raise awareness among the audience about bullying in a broad sense. These posts aim to remind the audience that there are different types of bullying and various ways to cope with it. The posts themselves contain a concise amount of information so that more detailed information can be included in the description.

Below you will find some informations about types of bullying.

  1. Verbal bullying involves words or speech that can intimidate, control, or insult another person. Dealing with it requires being aware of one’s boundaries, expressing feelings assertively, and avoiding the company of individuals who engage in such bullying.
  2. Physical bullying, on the other hand, refers to any actions that result in physical harm or injury to another person. In such situations, it is important to seek help by contacting law enforcement or medical facilities and leaving the dangerous situation.
  3. Cyberbullying, occurring in the online space, includes aggression, intimidation, harassment, or defamation through online platforms. Dealing with it involves limiting interactions with troublesome individuals online, utilizing privacy settings, and reporting incidents to the appropriate authorities.