Social media content creation – group work

On the third day, the participants of the project were informed to divide into four groups, with each group choosing a topic for their work, which was to design social media content. During this task, the participants were to apply the theoretical knowledge they had already acquired in practice. Moreover, the participants could showcase their creativity and ingenuity, resulting in the creation of something unique while adhering to design principles. Of course, each group was supervised by a trainer, who was always available to help and advise in case of any doubts, ensuring that the task was a pleasant experience for each group. The topics chosen were:

After completing the task, it was time for each group to present the social media content they had created. This allowed them to add personal touches to the graphics they had designed, which helped in conveying a deeper understanding of the message. After the presentations, the trainer shared their perspective on what went well and what aspects needed more attention when creating such projects in the future personal endeavors. This feedback will enable the project participants to apply these insights to create even better content.