Summary of an Amazing Design Adventure

Our design journey was a unique experience that brought us a lot of knowledge and unforgettable moments. If you are curious about what exactly happened during each day of our project, please read our daily reports:

  • 1 DAY –> Introduction to the project:We started our adventure in the picturesque Opole, where we got to know each other and set the goals of the project.
  • 2DAY –> We looked at design theory and delved into color psychology and composition.
  • 3 DAY –> We started hands-on work on our projects, discovering how theory translates into practice.
  • 4 DAY –> We continued working on projects and sharing our achievements during inspiring presentations.
  • 5 DAY –> We summarized our achievements, considered how to use the acquired knowledge in the future and appreciated our certificates.

It was not only training, but also an amazing opportunity to learn from each other and establish lasting bonds. Our design journey has ended, but our collaboration and inspiration continues. We can’t wait to see what the next project brings us!


Time flies so fast!

Who would have thought that time flies so fast?!
It’s now, from 3.09 we start with the training on the “Design me” project 2022-3-PL01-KA153-YOU-000102877.
Three representatives from 6 countries will come to Opole on September 3 to jointly acquire new knowledge and skills in the field of design.
During the training we will learn:
– HOW TO design consistently and coherently,
– theory based on case studies,
– about actual and future trends
– HOW TO implement the knowledge in the future.

And many others! The plan includes not only theoretical classes, but also a lot of practice and group classes. Our participants will certainly not be bored, and after the training they will be full of new knowledge, energy, but also new interesting acquaintances that may result in interesting projects in the future.
What a time it will be, we can’t wait, and you?

We kindly inform you that the “Design me” project has started!!
The “Design me” project is primarily intended to support institutions that work with and for young people.
It is intended to help people dealing with:

  • management,
  • media,
  • website and creating content for the Internet,
  • teaching in everyday work with young people.

The goal is to identify the needs of target groups, recognize and consciously use graphic mechanisms, illustrations, photos, colors and visual identification in everyday work. The knowledge acquired during the project is to have a direct impact on the way of graphic communication in reaching the recipient.

Stay tuned with us so you don’t miss any important information!