Dissemination from the Polish organization – Foundation SMART

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Dissemination on social media from the Turkish organization AIAYA

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Dissemination from organizations in France -Toulouse Youth Network

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The free webinar is available to watch on our website!

The free webinar is available to watch on our website! You can find the webinar on the “Design me” project website under the “Webinar” tab.

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The webinar is a condensed version of the 5-day design workshop that took place in Opole. In this webinar, you will learn the principles of design and how to use them in creating content for social media and websites. The webinar was created with everyone who is working in or planning to work in this field in mind. We believe it will be helpful for you in creating new content!

Dissemination on Facebook from the Italian organization Sistema Turismo

You can check out Sistema Turismo’s Facebook coverage of the project here!

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Article about the project in ETN Magazine

Dissemination of the project by the Italian organization – Sistema Turismo. Article in Polish and Italian in ETN Magazine
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In English you can read in here:
We all know that design can significantly impact a company’s success by helping to build your brand, attract customers, increase conversions and ensure effective online communication. However, not everyone remembers that design is a field that is constantly changing and evolving. It is important to regularly follow industry information sources, websites and blogs and participate in conferences and training to stay up to date with the latest trends and practices in design. Therefore, we are very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the project “Design me” – 2022-3-PL01-KA153-YOU-000102877 from the Erasmus + program.

The training on the “Design me” project took place on September 3-8 in Opole, where Alina, Maria and Kasia presented our Italian agency Sistema Turismo. Representatives from 5 countries presented their organizations with us, such as: Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, France and Sweden.

This project was intended for people who deal with:

  • management,
  • social media,
  • creating websites and creating content for the Internet,
  • teaching in everyday work with young people.

There were not only theoretical classes, but also plenty of practical and group activities to jointly acquire new knowledge and skills in the field of design in the 21st century and learn the tools that will make our content suitable for young people.

During the training we learned:

  • how to design consistently and coherently,
  • about new tools and methods to facilitate activities,
  • about current and future trends,
  • theory based on case studies,
  • how to apply the acquired knowledge in the future.

During the project, together with participants from other countries, we also learned to identify the needs of target groups, recognize and consciously use graphics, illustrations, photographs, colors and visual identification. Then we presented what the social media of the organization in which we operate looks like, we told what our organization does, what its goals are, how it communicates with customers and what role web design plays in this.

Additionally, we gained new international contacts because we carried out various projects on contemporary topics in mixed groups, where it was very interesting to listen to the opinion of a person from another country and share our own. This is not the only thing that united us, we also went for a walk around the city together, we organized a cultural evening where everyone learned something new about the culture and customs of a given country.
On the last day of the project, we shared the knowledge we had acquired and acquired new competences, such as:

  • social competences and learning skills;
  • entrepreneurial competences;
  • cultural awareness and expressive competence;
  • multilingual competences;
  • civic competences;
  • digital competences.

Such a task helped us understand what knowledge we gained thanks to the “Design me” project and how this knowledge can be used in our work.

We are impressed with this course because gaining knowledge from the training and gaining pleasure from spending time together is the best reconciliation. We would like to thank the organizers of the “Design me” project for the opportunity to gain valuable skills and meet interesting people.


Summary of an Amazing Design Adventure

Our design journey was a unique experience that brought us a lot of knowledge and unforgettable moments. If you are curious about what exactly happened during each day of our project, please read our daily reports:

  • 1 DAY –> Introduction to the project:We started our adventure in the picturesque Opole, where we got to know each other and set the goals of the project.
  • 2DAY –> We looked at design theory and delved into color psychology and composition.
  • 3 DAY –> We started hands-on work on our projects, discovering how theory translates into practice.
  • 4 DAY –> We continued working on projects and sharing our achievements during inspiring presentations.
  • 5 DAY –> We summarized our achievements, considered how to use the acquired knowledge in the future and appreciated our certificates.

It was not only training, but also an amazing opportunity to learn from each other and establish lasting bonds. Our design journey has ended, but our collaboration and inspiration continues. We can’t wait to see what the next project brings us!


Social media content creation – group work

On the third day, the participants of the project were informed to divide into four groups, with each group choosing a topic for their work, which was to design social media content. During this task, the participants were to apply the theoretical knowledge they had already acquired in practice. Moreover, the participants could showcase their creativity and ingenuity, resulting in the creation of something unique while adhering to design principles. Of course, each group was supervised by a trainer, who was always available to help and advise in case of any doubts, ensuring that the task was a pleasant experience for each group. The topics chosen were:

After completing the task, it was time for each group to present the social media content they had created. This allowed them to add personal touches to the graphics they had designed, which helped in conveying a deeper understanding of the message. After the presentations, the trainer shared their perspective on what went well and what aspects needed more attention when creating such projects in the future personal endeavors. This feedback will enable the project participants to apply these insights to create even better content.


Social media content about cyberbullying – group work

The project participants had to divide into four groups, each of which had to choose the main topic of their work and then design content on that topic for social media. Two groups chose the topic of violence. One of the groups focused specifically on cyberbullying. They created a campaign that can be promoted through stories on Instagram or Facebook, where people involved in such topics can be tagged, thus allowing the campaign to be spread on a larger scale.

Below you can find some informations about cyberbullying.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a form of aggression that spreads in the online space. It manifests itself in various ways such as offensive comments, threats, gossip and manipulation. The highest concentration of this type of violence can be found on social media platforms, internet forums, or messaging apps. Dealing with cyberbullying is certainly not easy but necessary because we cannot allow any form of violence to be accepted; therefore, it must be countered.


Social media content about bullying – group work

The project participants had to divide into four groups, each of which had to choose the main topic of their work and then design content on that topic for social media. One of the groups chose the topic of bullying. They created 6 posts that can be used on social media platforms to raise awareness among the audience about bullying in a broad sense. These posts aim to remind the audience that there are different types of bullying and various ways to cope with it. The posts themselves contain a concise amount of information so that more detailed information can be included in the description.

Below you will find some informations about types of bullying.

  1. Verbal bullying involves words or speech that can intimidate, control, or insult another person. Dealing with it requires being aware of one’s boundaries, expressing feelings assertively, and avoiding the company of individuals who engage in such bullying.
  2. Physical bullying, on the other hand, refers to any actions that result in physical harm or injury to another person. In such situations, it is important to seek help by contacting law enforcement or medical facilities and leaving the dangerous situation.
  3. Cyberbullying, occurring in the online space, includes aggression, intimidation, harassment, or defamation through online platforms. Dealing with it involves limiting interactions with troublesome individuals online, utilizing privacy settings, and reporting incidents to the appropriate authorities.